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Take a look around, check out how I work and hopefully in the process get to know a little bit about me and how I work.
If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch via the contact (link pls) page.
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My Vision

For all people to have the opportunity to heal and grow in a supported, safe space;
to live full and happy lives with a deep sense of self-love, awareness, connection to self and others.

What I Do

Counseling, mentoring, workshops and group work.
I offer face-to-face sessions (clinic space and nature-based) and also online via Zoom.
My focus is to enable a deep sense of connection and compassion for self and others; while supporting healing of emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual dis-ease.
I work in a holistic, person-centred approach (refer About Me page for more info).


One-on-one sessions to support being with and moving through challenging mental and emotional issues.


Working with men has become more a focus of mine in recent years. Understanding that men face unique challenges and often communicate very differently to women informs the way I work.


Mentoring with a focus on positive (mental) health and lifestyle – with a clear goal of creating a rich and full life aligned with purpose and values.


Check out the events calendar for upcoming events and workshops in the Surf Coast area and online during these crazy times. Events range from men’s circles and groups, emotional education workshops and Men’s gatherings.

A welcome approach to positive mental health...

Sessions are co-created in a comfortable, safe and relaxed environment.
Where you’re at is always the perfect place, however uncomfortable it may be.
We will work at your pace, you drive and I’ll be right by your side.

Nick Columb Counselor

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    Nick seems to be one of those rare men who has a beutiful blend of strength and sensitivity. His presence and the space created allows one to feel totally safe and held whilst being able to open up. In the session with Nick i felt my heart space conciously in a way I had never before. Then slowly as the session went on I started to have a conversation with my heart and realised that I spend too much time in my head and don’t drop down to my heart and really listen to what it needs to tell me. I can be skeptical about spiritual healings but I really felt my heart in a unique and magical way and this has built a strong relationship to this day. O love that Nick has a down to earth humanness but also a lovely deep spiritual presence.

    Mitch Campbell-Thomas

    I have had the chance to cross paths with Nick multiple times in the past and each time I have had the honor of working one-on-one. I would recommend Nick to all men who seek better understanding of themselves and our relationship with others. Nick manages to create a safe environment that will ensure you have the best conditions to work on things that matter for you!

    Anders Sletting

    Nick is an amazing communicator, he’s level headed, with no psycotherapy “fluff”. I’d highly recommend him to men, but im sure he would work equally well for women.

    Scott Freddy

    I have had several transpersonal counseling sessions with Nick. He is so mindful and loving that I immediately felt very safe with him and relaxed enough to be totally vulnerable and open up. He continuously holds space in a very warm and comforting way but he is not afraid to go deep, into the raw trauma or the parts I usually shy away from. The questions he asked me went straight to the heart. At times when I was answering ‘from my head’ he made sure to go deeper until I reached my core feelings with the corresponding places in my body. One of the things he taught me was to breathe through my pain. Instead of resisting it, to accept and embrace it and ask it what it wants to tell me. So tremendously valuable, this still helps me every day. Nick, thank you for being such an amazing, wise, courageous and beautiful soul.

    Yala Novagaia

    Nick has supported me through several of the most challenging moments of my life. He has held strong, supportive space, allowing me to dive deeply into my vulnerability. I have shared tears and stories, sadnesses and joy with a man I have known to be there for me in full support. I would highly recommend Nick as a councilor for anyone looking for the support, wisdom and love of a beautifully balanced human.

    Mikey Lee

    The Guest House

    This being human is a guest house.
    Every morning a new arrival.
    A joy, a depression, a meanness,
    some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.
    Welcome and entertain them all!
    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
    who violently sweep your house empty of its furniture,
    still, treat each guest honorably.
    He may be clearing you out for some new delight.
    The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
    meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
    Be grateful for whatever comes.
    because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.
    — Jellaludin Rumi,