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Working With Men

While I don’t work exclusively with men it has become more a focus of mine in recent years. Understanding that men face unique challenges and often communicate very differently to women informs the way I work. As men we don’t always express what’s going on until it’s too late. I work with men to support moving through life’s challenges.

My services in working with men are Counseling, Mentoring, facilitating and facilitator training for Mens Circles along with workshops and group work.

Mens Circles

Mens Circles are powerful and very needed space for men to open up and support each other. In my opinion, as a general observation men communicate about challenging emotions differently to women and it is important to create spaces that support the process.


The Sacred Men’s Business BBQ programCLICK HERE

The Sacred Men’s Business BBQ program is a program I started as a way of getting mates together in a casual and comfortable BBQ or gathering setting, to check in with each other about where they’re at with things going on in their life and their mental state and wellbeing. It’s a very simple format with a step-by-step process to follow. It is essentially a men’s group for mates in a very casual setting, over a couple of beers and a barby. It was designed to reach the ‘average bloke’ that would otherwise be unlikely to attend a men’s group or men’s gathering, or talk about things that he might be struggling with. I offer facilitator training on running these circles. 


Workshops and Group WorkCLICK HERE

Workshops are designed to learn new skills but also to build connections to self and other men. It is a rare and powerful space to participate in the workshops as a group of men. All of my workshops have an emphasis on striking a balance between both light hearted fun and doing the deeper emotional work that supports us happier lives and deeper connections.